Martial Activities

MoL Table is available online! Fighters save time and sign in here!

Archery Range

Thursday12a-4pOpen Archery, Range opens after Procession ends
Friday9a-10aRange open for Baronial Champions Practice
Friday10a Archers, bring your Baron, Baroness and members of your populace – they are your pep squad. Points will be added for originality and wit (your version of Paul Bettany from A Knight’s Tale – fully dressed please!)
Friday11a – 4pArchery Field Open
Friday11a – 2pRoyal Rounds 
Saturday9a – 4pArchery Field Open
Saturday11a – 2pRoyal Rounds 

Heavy Combat

Weds3pRoses Tournament
Thurs3p Duke Anton’s Tournament of Chivalry
Thurs6p Interbaronial Champions Armored Tourney
Friday9a – 10aMOL / Authorizations open
Friday10a – 10:30aTwo Sword Tourney
Friday10:30a – 11aPoleArm Tourney
Friday11a – 11:30aGreat Sword Tourney
Friday11:30a – 12aSpear Tourney
Friday1pmNovice Tournament 
Friday2pmBlack Belt Tournament
Friday3pmRed Belt Tournament
Friday4pmIron Rose Tournament
Friday5pmWhite Belt Tournament
Friday8pmTorchlight Tournament
Saturday10a – 11aWar scenario:  Breech battle
Saturday11a – 12pWar scenario:  Bridge battle
Saturday12p – 1pWar scenario:  Porticullis battle
Saturday1p – 2pWar scenario:  Town battle
Saturday2p – 3pWar scenario:  Courtyard battle

More information and prizes for Friday’s tournament can be found at

Live Steel

Friday12p – 4pOpen field for training and pick ups
Saturday11a – 2pOpen Field for training
Saturday3p – 5pLive Steel Tournament


Wednesday2p – 4pEarly Bird Tournament / Pickups
Thursday9a – 10aAuthorizations / Inspection
Thursday10a -12pCut and Thrust tournament sponsored by Sacred Stone 
Thursday1p – 3pPickups (or sponsored activity) 
Thursday3p – 4pNever Won a Tourney Tourney sponsored by Sacred Stone 
Thursday4p – 5pPickups or overflow from earlier activities
Friday1p – 3pCut & Thrust Pas d’arms Tourney of Inspiration Sponsored by Master/Lucien/Southeast Blue Feathers – Before the Tourneys begin, each combatant will Process into the List, escorted by a Sponsor. A Sponsor from the SE Blue Feathers is encouraged, but not required. The Sponsor/Fighter will have 2 minutes (max) to proclaim why/how they are inspired by the other. Two lists: List 1: Rapier C&T – Single elimination, best of three passes. Anyone eliminated in the first two rounds may make an additional donation to re-enter the Tourney. No re-entries after the Semi-Finals start. List 2: Adjudicated Cut Only Tourney. Double Elimination. Counted blows, best of three 30 second rounds as adjudicated by four judges. Prizes for each Tourney supplied by the Southeast Blue Feathers.
Friday9a – 10aAuthorizations / Inspection
Friday10a – 12p3 or 5 person melee tournament
Friday3p – 5pBaronial Champions Tournament sponsored by Sacred Stone 
Saturday9a – 10aAuthorizations / Inspection
Saturday10a – 11aBlack Sword Tournament Warpoints, Hawkwood and Allies vs Raven’s Cove and Allies
Saturday11a – 12pField battle – Last team standing 3-5 reps as time and interest allows
Saturday12:30p – 2pWoods battle – King of the hill with 3 ‘hills’ 45 minute run time Posession checks at random in the intervals 0-15 minutes, 15-30 minutes, 30-45 minutes Final possession check at 45 minutes If possession of the hill is disputed then no point is awarded
Saturday2:30p – 4:30pBroken field/Raid battle –  30 or 45 minute run time depending on fighter fatigue level/attrition Requires open area with haybale obstacles King of the hill with a twist based on number of control points held