Arts & Sciences

Displays & Competitions

Atlantian-Standard Judged Competitions, Documentation Required:

  • Baronial Champions Battle – Thursday
  • Brewing and Baking Competition – Friday
  • Bardic and Performing Arts Competitions – Friday
  • “On the King’s Road” Open A&S Competition – Saturday

Populace Judged Competitions, Documentation Optional:

  • “Made on the Road” – Art Made while at War – Saturday
  • “Letters and Poetry from the Road” – Saturday
  • Novice A&S Competition

Sponsored Competitions:

  • “Methods of Spying in the Middle Ages”
  • “Items Used on a Pilgrimage”
  • “Map of the King’s Highway”
  • “Home” Bardic Competition
  • Maestro Achbar’s Silver Spoon Competition
  • The Adams Family Costume Contest

Classes & Workshops

Teacher sign up: (Classes accepted until September 21st)

Full schedule coming soon!