Friday Heavy Fighting Tourney Schedule

Location details will be forthcoming

Friday Schedule:

9:30 am MOL opens/authorizations

10 am – Two Sword Tournament – House Askoldssonn

10:30 am – Pole Arm – The Company of St. Augustine

11 am – Great Sword – Sir Hróðgeirr Hrafnsson

11:30- Spear Tournament – Krak House

1 pm – Novice Tournament – Sir Connal mac Aodha mhic Réamoinn

2 pm – Black Belt Tournament – House Tavernier

3 pm – Red Belt Tournament – House Bessenyei

4 pm – Iron Rose Tournament – Yorkshire Manor

5 pm – White Belt Tournament – Hotel de Byram

8 pm – Torchlight Tournament – House Golden Thistle

Novice: 2 years or less from first authorization

Black Belt: Not a squire, nor a knight

Red Belt: A squire at time of the tournament

Iron Rose: Female armored fighters

White Belt: Member of the Order of Chivalry

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